LECTURE with Mishka Henner – Counterintelligence

In the frame of Photomeeting Luxembourg

| Cité 13/09/2017 | 17:30-19:00
Mishka Henner (detail)

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The Internet and the geospatial age have changed everything we thought we knew about photography. Where there were once single viewpoints there are now many thousands. In this golden age of perspectives, the infinite array of documents uploaded to the web offers unprecedented opportunities to reveal the workings of our world. With these themes in mind, Mishka Henner will discuss his works on the american landscape, reflecting on the metaphoric significance of its military and industrial logic. The lecture will be followed by a Q&A.
Language : English
Free Entrance (within the limits of available seats)

Cité Auditorium (2nd floor)
3, rue Genistre, L-1623 Luxembourg



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