Photomeetings 2018 – Lecture Liza Ambrossio : Rage devotion

11/09/2018 | 17:30 - 19:00

Liza Ambrossio – Rage devotion
« Reality is overrated and fantasy underestimated, in my opinion the richest thing that exist in life is fabulation and the power to imagine. That is why my photography is loaded with performative and cinamatographic gestures, at the same time allusive to the pictorial archive and the documentary, using all the narrative tools to create some emotion within the imperfection. It is an affront to terror and dehumanization because I believe that human passion is in itself an act of defiance, In this talk we will discuss the development of my work between the mutation of its aesthetics ans ideology that has gone from anger to absolute devotion ans vice versa ».

Language : English – Free entrance
Cité Auditorium