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Welcome to Cercle Cité in the heart of Luxembourg City Discover a unique space where culture meets (your) history

A place of prestige and historical importance in Luxembourg City, Cercle Cité is an open space, welcoming culture enthusiasts, artists and associations from all backgrounds.

You can hold your professional and private events at Cercle Cité by renting the parlours of the historic Cercle building or the conference centre of the modern Cité building.

"Hors-d'œuvre" exhibition (2023) © Mike Zenari
"Bijoux d’artistes, de Picasso à Koons. La collection idéale de Diane Venet" exhibition (2021) © Mike Zenari
Illustration by Lisa Junius on the doors of rue Genistre (2021) © Cercle Cité
"Tell Me About (Y)Our Mother" exhibition (2020-2021) © Cercle Cité
"fictitious location spotting for a non-existing movie" exhibition (2020) © Véronique Kolber
Grande Salle, Bel-Étage (2021) © Cercle Cité
"Hitchcock. The brand." exhibition (2022) © Cercle Cité
Round table in the frame of the exhibition "Gast Michels. Movement in colour, form and symbols" (2023) © Cercle Cité
Posters for the "Small Stories by David Lynch" exhibition (2023) © Cercle Cité
"What the Flag?! in Luxembourg" exhibition (2023) © Mike Zenari
CeCiL's Box by Hisae Ikenaga (2023) © Mike Zenari
Extract from the video made for the 10th anniversary of the Cercle Cité (2021) © SKIN
"Small Stories by David Lynch" exhibition (2023) © Mike Zenari
CeCiL's Box by Guillaume Barborini (2022) © Mike Zenari

Cercle Cité,
an unmissable site where culture comes to life

Discover a varied year-round calendar of events, exhibitions, conferences, concerts, shows and lectures at the Ratskeller, the cultural hub of Cercle Cité.

View the cultural agendaDiscover Cercle Cité’s exhibitions

Organise memorable events
at Cercle Cité

Designed to meet all your needs, private and professional, the Cercle Cité offers you exceptional spaces available for privatisation. Classical architecture lovers will be able to rent a room on the “Bel-étage” or the modern auditorium called “la Bulle" for their events, while the conference center is perfect for professional meetings and presentations.

Reception and parloursConference center

© Mike Zenari
© Mike Zenari
© Mike Zenari
© Mike Zenari
© Mike Zenari

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