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The exhibitions at Cercle Cité

Ratskeller exhibition space

In addition to the museums of Luxembourg City, the Ratskeller is a temporary exhibition space, dedicated to stimulating artistic creation and coordinating projects in partnership with national and international cultural institutions. The Ratskeller is also a non-commercially oriented meeting place, where new discoveries can be made and artists and visitors are encouraged to interact. Above all, it’s a multicultural platform that aims to inspire all sorts of creation, as its wide-ranging programme and roster of invitees shows. The Ratskeller cannot be rented.

CeCiL's Box

Art is at its most meaningful when it engages with large audiences. With this principle in mind, Cercle Cité uses one of its windows on rue du Curé to showcase artworks, which passersby can see at any time of day and night. It’s our way of shining the spotlight on original creations by local talent and giving artists maximum exposure.

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