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Place d’Armes
BP 267
L-2012 Luxembourg
T +352 46 49 46-1

For all your events, contact our event managers via :

Cercle Cité reception

2, rue Genistre
L- 1623 Luxembourg

The City of Luxembourg has entrusted the management of Cercle Cité to the “Agence luxembourgeoise d’action culturelle”.

At Cercle Cité, you’ll also find

The team

Benoît Andries


Anastasia Chaguidouline

Artistic director

Marion Vergin

Cultural production manager

Iyoshi Kreutz

Communication manager

Laurène Him

Communication and media officer

Camilla Cuppini

Customer relationship manager

Corinne Kries

Customer relationship manager

Antoine Lejeune

Executive assistant

Hugo Ventura

Technical agent

Marcel Sontag


Steve Becker


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