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Our publications

In echo to its exhibitions as well as to the history of its building, Cercle Cité further extends the accessibility to culture and content through its publications. Available for sale on request (, they are the outcome of rich exchanges between artists, curators, historians and graphic designers.

Catalogue d'exposition



Graphic design Mik Muhlen
Print run 1500 copies

0 €

Catalogue d'exposition

Cercle 5


Graphic design Daniel Wagener
Print run 250 copies
ISBN N° 978-99959-911-7-3

22 €

Catalogue d'exposition

fictitious location spotting for a non-existing movie


Graphic design  Laurent Daubach
Print run  limited and signed edition of 100 copies
ISBN N°  978-2-9199438-3-8

45 €

Catalogue d'exposition

Prix d'Art Robert Schuman


Graphic design  Comed
Print run  800 copies
ISBN   978-2-9199438-2-1

8 €

Catalogue d'exposition

Jean Cocteau - l'œuvre graphique


Graphic design  Elvire Bastendorff
Print run  1500 copies
ISBN 978-2-919901-03-6

53 €

Catalogue d'exposition

Lucien Clergue - poète photographe


Graphic design  Bunker Palace
Print run  500 copies
ISBN N°  978-2-9199438-1-4

28 €

Catalogue d'exposition

Histoires d'Art - Prix Pierre Werner


Graphic design  Laurent Daubach
Print run  300 copies
ISBN N°  978-2-9199438-0-7

15 €

Catalogue d'exposition

Salzburg Luxemburg IV


Series of 5 publications

Print run  500 copies
Graphic design  M+M  ISBN N°  978-3-9504185-3-8
Graphic design  Julia Rohn  ISBN N°  978-3-9504185-6-9
Graphic design  David Brognon & Stéphanie Rollin  ISBN N°  978-3-9504185-4-5
Graphic design  Antoinette Zwirchmayr  ISBN N°  978-3-9504185-7-6
Graphic design  Eric Chenal  ISBN N°  978-3-9504185-5-2

8 €


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