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CeCiL's Box by Marc Buchy

Conditionnel Présent

— 05/07/2020
14/02/2020 — 05/07/2020
"CeCiL's Box" showcase (rue du Curé)

Free entrance

With its CeCiL’s Box project, Cercle Cité welcomes creations in one of its windows on rue du Curé. This project aims to present varied and original interventions to the public, and is also a way to support local creation by offering visibility to guest artists. These interventions are visible 7 days a week, day and night.

Presented in the form of a photographic documentation, the Conditionnel Présent work consists in extending a volunteer’s hand’s lifeline by making an incision, herewith scarring the skin. By this act, the artist mixes palmistry (predicting the future through the lines of the hand) and transhumanism (contemporary movement promising the abolition of old age, disease and death). This image, on the scale of the human body, offers multiple readings by confronting esoteric beliefs on the one hand, and absolute belief in science and its rationalization on the other hand.

As a part of the Triennials program, organized by the Rotondes in collaboration with the Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’Art Contemporain and the Cercle Cité.

Work initially presented at Frac Grand Large – Hauts-de-France / (The artist wishes to thank Martine qui pique and Joséphine Desmenez.)

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© Marc Buchy


Exhibition opening 14.02.2020 - 12:00

Click here to listen to Radio 100,7's interview of the artist.

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