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CeCiL's Box by Serge Ecker


— 18/10/2020
16/07/2020 — 18/10/2020
"CeCiL's Box" showcase (rue du Curé)

With its CeCiL’s Box project, Cercle Cité welcomes creations in one of its windows on rue du Curé. This project aims to present varied and original interventions to the public, and is also a way to support local creation by offering visibility to guest artists. These interventions are visible 7 days a week, day and night.

This new creation is an installation by Serge Ecker, named meanwhile.

With his training in digital design and specialisation in images and their manipulation, Serge Ecker places the new technologies at the very heart of his artistic practice whilst questioning their ability to represent reality. This work, entitled meanwhile, which occupies a showcase window in this shopping street, catches the eye and arouses the curiosity of passers-by, prompting them to take a closer look, through the barricades. At the same time, as they are distracted by the pleasures of window shopping, passers-by lower their guard and linger so that their image can easily be captured by a video surveillance system, and then played back to them. This singular aesthetic experience intensely engages each passer-by's presence, by focusing their attention on the hic et nunc, the here now, and in turn transforming their own perception of the world and the self.

As an alternative to the usual opening, we invite you to meet-up with the artist in front of the CeCiL's Box on Thursday 16th July at 12:00.

Click here to listen to Radio 100,7's interview of the artist. 

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