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Design Decameron by Lisa Keiffer

Stuck in a loop

— 31/07/2020
21/05/2020 — 31/07/2020

The design exhibition that Cercle Cité initially planned this year has been rethought in view of the unprecedented current situation linked to the Covid-19 pandemic. This online project, called Design Decameron, offers a convenient alternative, accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Each Thursday, a new creation will be revealed on Cercle Cité's website and social media (Facebook and Instagram). #designdecameron.

The second artist to take part in this exhibition is Lisa Keiffer, with the project Stuck in a loop.

"Stuck in a Loop illustrates my very personal emotional journey during these times of uncertainty and the daily ups and downs due to an emotional rollercoaster of excitement, anxiety, stress and hope.

On one side the gazing into the distance can be seen as this strong feeling of Wanderlust and nostalgia that is overcoming oneself while being locked up and  isolated, especially living in the city far from home.

On the other side the continuous vanishing of the extremely colourful landscape, which can be seen as a metaphor for hope, joy, positivity or a simple source of inspiration, underlines the daily struggle to motivate yourself in order to stay positive and creative, when being surrounded by a growing negativity and uncertainty.

When I decided to work as an independent designer 2 years ago, one amongst many motivations was to get out of the comfort zone and to break with the strict daily routine linked to it, in order to work more flexibly and to manage my time more independently. During times of Covid-19 it suddenly feels like being stuck again in a loop whilst losing track of time.

Please note that I tried to approach the topic as spontaneously and intuitive as possible, without overthinking its concept and its execution, in order to keep the outcome as pure and as straightforward as possible."

The artist's biography :

Lisa Keiffer is a multidisciplinary art director and graphic designer from Luxembourg, currently based in Hamburg (DE).

Constantly in search of new challenging experiences and driven by her curiosity, she left Luxembourg, 

in order to pursue her studies in Brussels and in Hamburg and to gain her first professional experiences abroad.

With a keen eye for details and a fondness for cross-disciplinary approaches, her work covers a diverse  range of jobs, ranging from art direction, branding and identity, packaging design and editorial to illustration and spatial design. Besides commercial assignments, she considers self-initiated artistic projects as an  essential component of her everyday practice, in order to keep an open mind and continue growing both personally and professionally. Her working process is a constant trans-disciplinary exploration between  design, architecture, art and photography, with a focus on sustainability.

Instagram: @lisa.keiffer
Facebook: Lisa Keiffer Design

Framework programme


Design Decameron

Organized by Cercle Cité, in collaboration with Design Luxembourg and Design Friends

14/05/2020 - 31/07/2020 24h/24


Design Decameron by Lynn Cosyn


Organized by Cercle Cité, in collaboration with Design Luxembourg and Design Friends

14/05/2020 - 31/07/2020 24h/24

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