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CeCiL’s Box by Laurianne Bixhain

What remains is an intermediary thing, repeated

— 16/06/2024
28/03/2024 — 16/06/2024
"CeCiL's Box" showcase (rue du Curé)

Free entrance

With the CeCiL's Box, the Cercle Cité supports local creation by presenting and promoting the work of emerging and young artists from the Greater Region in one of its shop windows in the Rue du Curé. This mini exhibition space, visible 7 days a week, day and night, offers a street-side location in the heart of the city to a series of original and ephemeral interventions from the plastic and applied arts, with the aim of arousing the curiosity of passers-by and questioning the collective imagination.

The 32nd intervention, entrusted to artist Laurianne Bixhain, is entitled What remains is an intermediary thing, repeated.


The project of photographic creation began during a photo shoot of the performance of ShadowText, created by Chloe Chignell and Amina Szecsödy in 2023. In it, they explore the translation and scenic value of literary texts by Monique Wittig. The fabrication of images (masks, characters, presence on stage, mirrored reflection, knitting, weaving, photography, etc.) and the transformation of language enable the redistribution of roles and the circulation of power. Creation itself is a means of setting upon reality in such a way that nothing is any longer what it seems. The process of heroization of female figures – introduced by Wittig (Les Guérillères, 1969) – is a way of reinventing history and producing emancipatory images.


We invite you to meet-up with the artist in front of the CeCiL's Box on Thursday March 28 at 12 p.m.

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Exhibition opening 28.03.2024 - 12:00
Cercle Cité
Marion Vergin and Iyoshi Kreutz

Photographic retrospective

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