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CeCiL’s Box by Lynn Cosyn

UKIYO - Living the moment

— 05/12/2021
02/09/2021 — 05/12/2021
"CeCiL's Box" showcase (rue du Curé)

Free entrance

With its CeCiL’s Box project, Cercle Cité welcomes creations in one of its windows on rue du Curé. This project aims to present varied and original interventions to the public, and is also a way to support local creation by offering visibility to guest artists. These interventions are visible 7 days a week, day and night.

These last months have been a hard time for all of us - trying to balance work-life, child care and family during lockdown has surely forced the one or the other to reexamine their life. But isn’t it time to stop building up on negativity and start focusing on the positive side? What about the idea that the lockdown is seen as a much needed slowdown in a good way? Reconnecting with ourselves, with nature, not chasing one social obligation after the other but rather just enjoying the here and now.

The idea behind Lynn Cosyn's UKIYO project is about a visual reminder that we should slow down sometimes, move away from the cult of speed, living in the moment. You will be welcome to stay a while and get inspired by an artful place of embodied deceleration.

We invite you to meet-up with the artist in front of the CeCiL's Box on Thursday 16th September at 12:00.

Share your images on Facebook and Instagram : #cecilsbox

Exhibition opening 16.09.2021 - 12:00
Cercle Cité

Click here to listen to Radio 100,7's interview of the artist.

Photographic retrospective

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