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Through sensuous landscapes

Performance by Tania Soubry

15:00 - 21:00
15:00 - 21:00
Cercle Cité (main entrance Place d'Armes)

Free entrance

Through sensuous landscapes
Audio installation from 3pm to 9pm
Performances by Tania Soubry at 4pm and 7pm

Tania Soubry invites you to the first iteration of her current research into deep listening and the way we affect and are affected by one another through all the senses. The ‘we’ in this is expansive and follows her interests in ecology and animism as sites for transcending nature/culture and human/more-than-human binaries.

The history of the building of the Cercle Cité, having been the seat of the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), leads her to go back to the Minette region where she grew up. Inspired by sedimentary rocks and metamorphism, she tracks the mining and extraction of iron ore, providing us with steel. Reflecting on matter, time and the million-year-long geological processes on which lives are running, she considers how we relate to them. So, she returns to the Minett region to listen to the landscape’s pluralities. What possibilities might emerge?

At Cercle Cité Tania Soubry invites the audience into the sensuous landscapes of the gathered and processed written, sonic and movement materials, using cyclicality, layering and different temporalities.

In the "Terre Rouge" and its forests:
by moving through, being with and listening to its sensuous landscapes, enter a dance and write in relation to place as an experience of metamorphic transformation. Gather written, sonic and movement material.

In the studio:
process the material, bringing it in relation, using cyclicality, layering and different temporalities.

At Cercle Cité:
invite the audience into the sensuous landscapes of the relations between the alchemized material, sound, voice, movement, the space and the audience.

Cercle Cité, main entrance, Place d'Armes.
The performance will take place in the "Grande-Salle" of the "Bel-Étage" (2nd floor).

Free entrance, no registration required.
It is forbidden to bring balloons, pets or food into the building.

Cercle Cité
Conception and direction
Tania Soubry
Sound artist and assistant
Jose Macabra
Performers and collaborators
Laura Doehler, Christine Sollie and Tania Soubry
Dramaturgical collaborator
Alexandra Baybutt
DYCP (Develop Your Creative Practice by the Arts Council England) mentors
Jose Macabra and Salome Voegelin
In conversation and with thanks to
Michael Nique

Photographic retrospective

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