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Je est un(e) autre

— 08/11/2015
11:00 - 19:00
25/09/2015 — 08/11/2015
11:00 - 19:00
Ratskeller exhibition space (rue du Curé)

Free entrance

Katharina Sieverding
Collectif  Autour du Bleu (Gudrun Bechet, Pina Delvaux, Flora Mar, Doris Sander), Doris Drescher, Marie-France Dublé, Germaine Hoffmann, Sophie Jung, Patricia Lippert, Berthe Lutgen, Stéphanie Rollin & David Brognon, Trixi Weis, Vera Weisgerber.
Curator: Lucien Kayser

The title of the exhibition opening at the Ratskeller in late September is clearly a nod to the famous Rimbaud quote taken from a letter written by the French poet to Paul Demeny in May 1871. It was written at a time when, following the affirmation of self in Romanticism, identity in all its forms, whether national, racial or sexual, was becoming problematic in all types of artistic expression. The subject was being erased, watered down and at risk of vanishing in the turmoil. Or it took refuge in theories of a higher self espoused by Nietzsche and a profound self advocated by Bergson and even Freud. Nowadays, these tendencies are all the more pronounced due to technological innovations.
Rather than simply juxtaposing work by female artists without any other point of reference or criterion, it seemed more interesting (and enlightening) to confront some of their works with this line of enquiry. So around ten artists were confronted with this notion of shattered identity and perhaps visitors too will find themselves faced with my question of whether or not a specifically feminine aesthetic and style of enquiry actually exist.
The exhibition will open in the upper room with an array of highly distinctive photographs by Katharina Sieverding. More than anyone, this German artist, a contemporary of Joseph Beuys at the Düsseldorf Academy of Fine Art, has put herself and her multiple and varied figuration on the line in order to grapple with what is real and the reality of a world where the subject, and its alternation between identity and otherness, no longer has an assured place.

Guided Tour
Every saturday at 11am  |  Free

Guided Tour with the curator
Saturday 07.11 at 11am  |  Free  |  With a wine tasting in collaboration with Domaine Bastian

Exhibition catalogue

Je est un(e) autre


Graphic design  Studio Polenta
Print run  300 copies
ISBN N°  978-99959-911-3-5

15 €

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