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Cercle Cité celebrates its 10th anniversary!

— 31/12/2022
21/09/2021 — 31/12/2022


The Cercle has been an essential standout building in Luxembourg city for more than a hundred years, witnessing milestone events in the history of the capital and the country.

Following major renovation work, the Cercle Cité opened in 2011 under the aegis of the Agence luxembourgeoise d’action culturelle as a new venue for representation, exchange and cultural sharing, in phase with its environment and open to the world.

The gangway linking the Cercle building to that of the Cité is a beautiful metaphor for the idea of creating bridges and links between different domains of activity. The public is now invited to discover a site that has been marked by the classical and the contemporary, to exchange around contemporary topics, to discover various forms of creativity and to come face to face with the remarkable work of local artists.

As a socio-cultural platform, the Cercle Cité also reflects Luxembourg, a promoter of local know-how and European culture. The scene of official celebrations and an exceptional setting for the meetings of institutional authorities (CECA in the 50s, the Chamber of Deputies during the pandemic period in 2020/2021), the Cercle Cité acts as a facilitator, alternately supporting, partnering, organising and even mediating between institutions and the public.

Although the old municipal palace is steeped in history and recognisable for its imposing architecture in the city centre, the Cercle Cité has also asserted itself as the site of multi-discipline programmes, promoting collaborations to present the wealth of contemporary creation. As a cultural venue, the Cercle Cité contributes to the development and prestige of Luxembourg city and the region.

At a time when the hectic life of the whole world has been marked by the economic slowdown and isolation, art - in its different forms - has provided solace, an escape valve, perhaps some answers. Artists continued and still continue to create, to reflect (on) contemporary events and to produce  the cultural heritage of tomorrow.

In 2021, ten years after it reopened, the exhibitions in the Ratskeller space of the Cercle Cité question reality and illusion (behind the scenes in Luxembourg cinema; Ready. Set. Design.), the natural and the artificial (the work of contemporary photographers; Rethinking nature), society between tradition and progress (Pol Aschman archives from the Photothèque).


For the tenth anniversary, the Cercle Cité's approach has focussed on forward-looking perspectives, but also on existing connections and relations between the venue and its city and public. The theme of creative escape and projection has thus been showcased with extramural activities and by continuing to commission artists for original projects.

In September, CeCiL’s Box, presented directly on the Rue du Curé, is hosting illustrator Lynn Cosyn who, while observing today's world, expresses the human ambition (and need) to draw closer to nature, to appreciate the present moment and to enjoy the good side of things.

Dancer-choreographers occupy the Cercle Cité's outdoor spaces with an original video-dance, opening perspectives toward new horizons and tracing a new impetus through their movements and unfettered vision. More information about this project here.

Still on the subject of movement, graphic designer George(s) has created a visual identity inspired by the form of the circle, which lends itself perfectly to showcasing the different elements that illustrate the diversity as well as the wealth and complementarity of multiplicity.

A permanent painting was made on the doors of the Cercle, on the Rue Genistre, by young artist Lisa Junius, its positive force plunging passers-by into her blue, calm and soothing universe.

In collaboration with the Cité Bibliothèque, the Cercle Cité presents a goodies bag for children, including a DIY map elaborated by artist Keong-A Song, available from 23 October at the reception of the Ratskeller and the library. An event in the form of a reading is scheduled in the Cercle Cité for 23 October.

Although face-to-face gatherings, conviviality and sharing have become rare, the Cercle Cité continues to believe that cultural actions contribute to improving everyday life and that art has the power reach out and touch but also to inspire human beings of all ages, with diverse cultures and nationalities.

Anouk Wies, Artistic Director of Cercle Cité


In 10 years, events at the Cercle Cité have attracted a total of nearly 670,000 visitors, representing:

173,360 visitors to the Bel-Étage (upper reception floor) salons of the Cercle
78,840 visitors to the Conference Centre and Cité Auditorium
417,567 visitors to the Ratskeller exhibition space

These figures represent more than 70 exhibitions (including 23 events in CeCiL’s Box) with nearly 400 national and international artists (the list is available for consultation on the Cercle Cité website), 70 collaborations with, among others, the Œuvre Grande Duchesse Charlotte, the New York Times, the Prix d’Art Robert Schuman, the Presidency of the Comité Cocteau, along with the work of communication and visual creation with some thirty free-lance graphic designers and communication agencies in Luxembourg, with the desire to support local creativity. The Bel-Étage (upper reception floor) and the Conference Centre have hosted more than 600 public and private events (banquets, conferences, weddings, readings, round tables, receptions, galas, State visits, academic sessions, concerts of classical music, prize-givings, symposiums, dance performances, and ceremonies, to name but a few).

The Cercle Cité would like to particularly thank :

The artists, graphic designers and partners who have collaborated with Cercle Cité over the past ten years,
The Collège des Bourgmestre et Échevins de la Ville de Luxembourg, the Management Committee of Cercle Cité, the Board of Directors of the Agence luxembourgeoise d'action culturelle,
Institutional and private partners, occasional collaborators, external service providers.

Framework programme


Le Cercle Cité prend l'air

Organized by Cercle Cité in collaboration with TROIS C-L

22/09/2021 - 31/12/2022


Reading workshop for children with Tuffi

Organized by Cité Bibliothèque

23/10/2021 10:30 - 11:30

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