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Sanitary measures

Updates on the measures applied to the rental spaces and cultural agenda of Cercle Cité, following the latest sanitary recommendations of January 12, 2022.

The following are the measures that apply within the Cercle Cité, in compliance with the sanitary instructions in force decreed by the Luxembourg Government in order to limit and slow down the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

To stay informed about the evolution of the situation and the measures that apply to the different areas of the Cercle Cité, we invite you to consult our website regularly and to take note of the measures in force before the events.

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In accordance with the Covid-19 Pandemic health guidelines, the number of visitors in the exhibition area is limited to 10 people, as access to the Ratskeller is not subject to any CovidCheck regime.

A mask must be worn in the exhibition area by anyone aged 6 years or over and a social distance of 2m between visitors is required.

Anyone entering the exhibition area is requested to disinfect their hands with the hydroalcoholic gel provided at the entrance.

Guided tours are also limited to 10 people and are available without reservation.


In compliance with the Covid-19 Pandemic health guidelines, access to the spaces is placed under the CovidCheck 2G+ regime.

The number of people allowed varies according to the room rented and the type of event. This figure will be imposed by the administration of the Cercle Cité and the City of Luxembourg.


Events open to the public

Masks must be worn when moving around the building. For events open to the public, the CovidCheck 2G+ regime applies, and masks must also be worn for the duration of the event. 

Private events: 

Masks must be worn when moving around the building.

For meetings of up to 10 people, there are no restrictions or health measures to be observed. However, it is strongly recommended that anyone aged 6 years or over wears a mask.
Between 11 and 20 people (included), wearing a mask as well as keeping a physical distance of 2 metres between people is mandatory. Otherwise, the CovidCheck 2G+ regime may apply.
Meetings between 21 to 200 people (included) must be organised under the CovidCheck 2G+ regime.

For private events under the CovidCheck 2G+ regime, the management of Cercle Cité leaves the decision to impose to its participants to wear a mask for the duration of the events to the discretion of the organiser. 

Rental requests for business meetings under the CovidCheck 3G regime must be approved in advance by the Cercle Cité management. 

CovidCheck regime:

The CovidCheck regime is applicable to all persons who have reached the age of 12 years and 2 months. The Cercle Cité administration requires the event organiser to be responsible for the implementation of the following measures: 

  • A CovidCheck point at the entrance of the building, that allows to check the validity of the information. If necessary, the event organiser must provide participants with self-diagnostic tests ;
  • Wearing a mask is mandatory for all persons aged 6 years or over for events open to the public ;
  • Hydroalcoholic gel is made readily available to event participants.

For room capacities, please refer to our rental page.

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